About Us


Established in 2013, Jaimes Photography is an independent owned and operated company in Charlotte, NC that specializes in Photography for any occasion. We pride ourselves on taking professional, quality pictures that not only please our client.


We understand the many issues that come up with taking pictures with small children and how important it is for businesses to have pictures taken at events and let's not forget about some of the most important times in many peoples lives; their engagement and wedding, and the Birth of their child or children. We understand that it is crucial for all of these times to have quality, professional pictures to keep and show for years to come.
That is why we do what we do“ and we do it well.


How We Work

We have learned through experience, the more prepared the better. We come with backups of almost all items used. Always having extra memory in case you decide you'd like more pictures, and enough time set aside to take care of all of your needs.

Alvaro Jaimes

Owner/ Photographer


You read right! You're the boss. You are the one in charge of your shoot. Whether the shoot will be for professional singing, acting, performing career or even to 'just because' you would like professional pictures taken for you own enjoyment. Rest assured I will do my best in providing you with not only outstanding images but exceptional customer service to you and your party.

Jaimes Photography

"... Photography  is  the  BEAUTY  of  life CAPTURED"